Assault and Battery Attorney

Assault and Battery Attorneys in Murrieta, CA

Assault and Battery Attorneys in Murrieta, CA

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Crimes of violence such as assault with a deadly weapon are prosecuted vigorously and can lead to significant jail or prison time. Generally speaking, the more serious the injuries the victim sustains the more jail time you are facing. Other factors that impact the outcome of the case include the criminal records of both the Defendant and the alleged victim.

In many cases, alcohol is involved which can create doubt as to what actually occurred. A proper investigation by the defense can often lead to new evidence that results in the best possible outcome in your case. Being charged with a crime can have a devastating impact. Many clients face substantial jail time along with losing their jobs and ability to support their families. We understand what our Murrieta, CA clients are going through. Call our assault and battery attorney today!

Assault (Penal Code § 240)
Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Penal Code § 245)
Assault with a Firearm (Penal Code § 245)
Battery (Penal Code § 242)
Battery on a Police Officer (Penal Code § 243)
Battery with Serious Bodily Injury (Penal Code § 243)