Driving Crimes

Charged With Driving Crimes?

Charged With Driving Crimes?

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Driving crimes are among the most highly prosecuted crimes in California and are taken seriously by the courts because they are viewed as risks to public safety. Convictions for these crimes can lead to jail time, huge fines, the loss or extended loss of your privilege to drive. Convictions for these crimes can also result in points on your driving record, a suspension of your license, and higher insurance bills.

In many cases, the prosecutor is willing to reduce the charges which can result in a less serious conviction, lower fines, and no points on your driving record. It's never a good idea to plead guilty to any crime without consulting with an attorney who practices in the court your case is pending in. At Lapine Law in Murrieta, CA, we understand the importance of keeping our clients' criminal and driving records as clean as possible.

Driving on a Suspended License (Vehicle Code 14601.1)
Driving on a Suspended License Due to DUI (Vehicle Code 14601.2)
Driving Without a License (Vehicle Code 12500)
Hit & Run/Hit & Run Causing Injury (Vehicle Code 20002/20001)
Reckless Driving (wet/dry) (Vehicle Code 23103)
Evading a Police Officer (Vehicle Code 2800)