Honest Attorney

Mr. Lapine is in the middle of handling my expungement. He is a straight forward, knowledgeable, and honest attorney. He is also empathetic and humanistic. Mr. Lapine worked on my case immediately. He answers phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I will continue to work with Mr. Lapine and it has been a great pleasure to have him as my attorney. Thank you Andrei.


Best Lawyer in Town!

I posted this review on another site but feel so strongly thought I'd post it here too. You can't go wrong hiring with Andrei Lapine! I was referred to this law office by the Bar Association, I was feeling pretty hopeless when I met with Andrei Lapine but he explained his expectations for my case and for the first time in years I felt like I was in good hands. Mr. Lapine is a force to be reckoned with and I can't thank him enough for all his hard work. I would not hesitate to hire him again should the need arise. Thank you so much!


Excellent Attorney, Excellent Advice

Mr. Lapine helped me with a past legal case a few years ago related to my immigrant wife (now ex) facing deportation related to a domestic violence case. His advice was extremely valuable and helped me to get the DA to turn down the case. I would highly recommend Andrei for any areas related to his practice. He is a solid attorney!

Matthew B.

Trustworthy, Highly Knowledgeable, Brilliant, High Class Professional

I was charged with assult, which was all based off lies. I hired Andrei Lapine and he believed in me. The DA wanted me to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. This would have ended my professional carreer. Andrei wouldn't back down to save my carreer and fight for what was right. The case ended in a dissmissal. And now I can move on with my life. ANDREI LAPINE IS AN AWESOME LAWYER.


Great Lawyer

I am a lawyer who was arrested and had bogus charges filed against me. The cops said all kinds of lies against me. I just wanted to plead guilty and make this thing go away. But Andrei told me he could beat this thing and that the DA would eventually cave once it realized how weak it's case was. It took a year but Andrei got the charges against me dismissed. He really cares and he is very good at what he does BTW he was the only lawyer who told me I was innocent. All the others said I was guilty even though I could not see how I was. Be careful of a lawyer who tells you you are guilty. They just want your money and want you to plead guilty.


Early Termination of Probation and Expungement

I hired Andrei to terminate probation early and expunge two DUI's. He was straight forward with his assessment of the situation and did not promise results. First go I was denied and told to approach the court when 2/3 probation was completed. Wasting no time we filed again and motions were granted. I was encouraged by Andrei to speak on my own behalf and he told me that my doing so was the difference. I was going through a very stressful period when the DUIs occurred and am so appreciative to Andrei for his support getting this behind me and now have a fresh start. Andrei does tell you straight up what your chances for success are and is professional and honest in his representation. I thank you Andrei for your representation.


Amazing Lawyer

I was accused of 422 criminal threat due to an altercation I had with my own father. I started to investigate more and focused in how to get a good lawyer. Andrei Lapine was very smart very helpful and very, very knowledgeable. He even made district attorney look like he wasn't prepared. Thanks to Andrei Lapine and his efforts. I got a disturbing the peace misdemeanor and was able to maintain my job at the school district. Thank you Andrei for all your help.

Christopher V

Mr. Lapine Knows His Stuff

I was accused of Delaying or obstructing an Officer in Fontana Court. Attorney Andrei F. Lapine handled case. The District Attorney initially wanted me to plead guilty to the misdemeanor which I was not going to do. Mr. Lapine put the case on the trial calendar letting the DA know that we were ready to fight the case all the way if necessary. The DA finally agreed to reduce my charges to an infraction for disturbing the peace and I was able to keep my criminal record clean while avoiding the expense of paying trial fees and the risk of getting convicted of the misdemeanor. I would recommend Andrei Lapine to anyone facing criminal charges.

Awesome Lawyer, Smart Guy!

I was charged with being Drunk in Public in San Bernardino and was worried because i'm under 21 and would have had a year suspension of my drivers license. I hired Wallin & Klarich to represent me in court. Attorney Andrei Lapine handled my case and he was able to get the charges completely dismissed! I avoided a criminal conviction and the suspension of my license.


I got a DUI and was on active military duty, I live and travel out of state a lot and therefore needed someone to appear for me and take care of this matter. I hired Attorney Andrei F. Lapine handled my case and I didn't have to be present at all, which saved me tons of time and money.

Attorney Lapine did a great job in handling this matter for me without me having to be present in court and I would recommend Andrei Lapine to anyone in need of a hard working and trustworthy attorney.

R. M.

Child Law

My son was falsely accused and arrested and Mr. Lapine and his staff cleared his record. Thank you for your hard work .


Attorney Lapine Saved Me From DUI Conviction! Thank You Mr. Lapine!

I was pulled over for speeding and was arrested for a DUI. My blood test results came back as .08, but my Attorney Andrei Lapine recommended that I hire a forensic expert to conduct a blood split, which I did, and my blood results came back lower than .08. Due to these results the DA offered me a wet reckless and this saved me from a DUI conviction, higher fees, and a longer DUI program.

I was satisfied by the services and appreciated the hard and timely work given by Attorney Lapine and I would recommend him to my friends and family.